Chemical Management

  • Chemical program audit
    • Analysis of current vendor performance
    • Data analysis and recommendations
    • Program optimization – maintain or improve performance at reduced cost
    • New technologies/novel approach
  • New acquisition chemical program evaluation –
    • Deep understanding of field production challenges
    • Recommend improvements
    • Opportunities for cost reduction
  • Chemical bid – Production and Completions
    • Technical and commercial expertise to make the best decision
  • Lab Performance Evaluation
    • Ensure performance monitoring data is accurate
  • Establish “managed” chemical program –
    • Will deliver a complete program to be managed by producer’s staff
  • Chemical program management
    • Integrity EPC can manage complete chemical program
  • New chemical program implementation
    • Complete field analysis and recommendations
  • Unbundle service from Chemical
    • Commoditize chemical
  • Frac Chemical Optimization
    • FR, biocide, and scale
  • Internal Corrosion Assessments
  • Training and Development




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